Artist Statement

By engaging with my environments, I look to the people, cultures, and structures within them to generate the content I work with. I use these elements to create work that draws attention to the relationships between them, and the high level of participation found within our contemporary society.

This reality has challenged how I look at the mediums of photography and video. The accessibility of the equipment and tools necessary to work in these media has resulted in a proliferation of their content across our visual culture. Thus, material is no longer simply presented; it is viewed, manipulated and then reintroduced, creating a new dynamic between the viewer, the producer, and the content. 

Understanding my relationship to my environment and the content creation that the web has enabled, I look to do more than simply observe the content that is produced. Realizing that these new structural changes are possibly more important than the content produced, my work intentionally deals with both the content and the structure of these environments. No longer do I feel as though I am simply a maker, but rather a contributor, following the ebb and flow of our contemporary culture. Understanding that I am part of a larger networked community, I am contributing material that will hopefully fuel another consumer’s production, or possibly cause me to rethink my own.