Photography Projects

Found Space:

This body of work was documented over the course of a year, throughout the different boroughs of New York City. It examines the shared spaces that exist between individuals and their larger community. Often, certain spaces become overlooked due to the lack of human presence within them. Through the use of my body, I examine what happens when an individual tries to use a space not intended for human use.

Going Through the Motions:

This series explores the separation that is created between our minds and bodies as we carry out our daily actions. The mundane qualities of these actions are created by the separation of our mental thoughts from the actions of our bodies. As a result of this, many of our everyday actions lose their value.

Fitting In:

This work explores the relationship between an individual and their surroundings. As a result of this relationship, one often assigns value or sentiment towards objects, or a particular space. The emotional ties which are created can have a strong effect on the viewer both physically and emotionally.